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Hi there I'm Julie, founder of The Purple Beet.

The Purple Beet is a lifestyle company committed to providing convienient, healthy local foods for you and your family. Life is crazy. Eating healthy doesn't have to be.

Our smoothies contain only real ingredients, and have no artificial sweeteners, ice, or additives.

The process is simple, all you need is a blender, a cup of liquid (suggestions given!) and your smoothie packet. No chopping, dicing, peeling, measuring or scooping required. No costly mistakes from a misleading recipe. Turn on the blender and have a healthy, delicious meal in seconds.


Our Smoothies

Fresh, convenient, portable and nutrient-dense, our smoothies are the ones you and your freezer have been waiting for. We use nothing artifical and source from as many local Michigan purveyors as we can. How's that for good karma? 

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