Smoothie Pack Subscriptions

Nothing beats the convenience (or happiness) of having a well-stocked freezer of smoothie packs each month. We all get busy and eating well can be a struggle. We provide monthly shipments of frozen smoothie packs in amazing flavor combos designed to fuel you throughout your busy day. Join the smoothie revolution!


How it Works

  1. Pick an order frequency: have your smoothie packs delivered once per month or twice per month–whichever you prefer.

  2. The fun part: Pick your flavors!

  3. Purchase and you're all set! Your subscription is reoccurring, so you can relax knowing that you'll always have a TPB smoothie pack on hand.

  4. Manage your subscription from our handy customer portal found HERE.

  5. Bonus points: change up your flavors for next month and try them all! Your taste buds will thank you!


Subscription Options

Free shipping!


6-pack Subscription  $48 per month for one shipment

Try us out! This option is the best choice for those who want to try out a few different TPB flavors before committing to a bigger subscription. We know you'll be hooked!


12-pack Subscription  $90 per month for one shipment

Nothing helps cure the lack of workout motivation like a refreshing cup of smoothie joy waiting for you at home. This is a great option for those middle-grounders out there. 

24 smoothie packs

24-Smoothie Subscription  $168 per month for one shipment

Our best deal! Always have a smoothie on hand and available for sharing. All of our kids and neighbors alike are smitten–and we love having a freezer full of smoothies to share freely! 



One-Time Orders

$45 for 6 smoothie packs

Just looking to try out The Purple Beet? We'd love to have you! Try out a 6-pack sampler box of our best selling smoothies. All one-time orders will ship out on the next shipment date.

Flavors included:

Espresso + Oat + Cinnamon • Blueberry + Hemp • Pineapple + Coconut • Berry + Avocado + Goji Berry • Peach + Ginger + Turmeric  • Apple + Cacao + Mint